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Dom Virgil Michel, OSB (1890-1938), a pioneer of liturgical reform in America before Vatican II, promoted the essential connection between the liturgy of the Church and the work of the Mystical Body of Christ in its priestly and lay members. He believed that the liturgy is the place where all our experience and suffering can be brought to the sacrifice of the Mass to be broken open and poured out in fruitfulness for the Church and the world.

“Therein lies the power of the liturgy, that it addresses itself to the whole of man. It never moralizes without giving intellectual reasons for the conduct to be followed; it never instructs without giving at the same time an inspiration to live the truths preached. Its appeal is not abstract but concrete, and is brought out in terms of past human achievement and present possibilities—it addresses and inspires the human person to a maximum of the Christ-life both in regard to prayer and to the service of God in the daily occupations and work.ˮ

—Virgil Michel, Liturgy and Catholic Life