Practical Christianity: Christ in you, the Hope of Glory


   Welcome to this podcast with Jack Sharpe and Fr. Jason Lefor. In these twenty-to-thirty-minute conversations, Jack and Fr. Lefor discuss spiritual principles that speak to a Christian's on-going walk with the Lord, focusing particularly on the spirituality of the Bethlehem Community of Benedictine Oblates.

    In the first set of podcasts, posted during February and March, 2021, Jack and Fr. Lefor discuss the application of certain Scriptural truths in Christian life.

    In the second set of podcasts, beginning in June 2021, Jack and Fr. Lefor go over various ways God has led the Bethlehem Community in their communal life: Twelve Steps: Reflecting how God has led us into and in our Community Commitment.


The podcasts are arranged by date with the newest ones at the top of the page.

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Music for these productions was recorded by Margaret Rasmussen on the penny whistle. The excerpt is from the hymn, My Hope is Built on Nothing Less than Jesus' Blood and Righteousness.

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11. Step Five: We chose not to work for ourselves,
July 9, 2021
10. Step Four: We entered into the ministry of the Holy Spirit in inner healing and deliverance, June 25, 2021
9. Step Three: We found we needed to entrust ourselves to other Christians, June 18, 2021
8. Step Two: We found it necessary to submit to authority, June 11, 2021
7. Step One: We admitted that we couldn't live the Christian life alone, June 4, 2021
6. Giving Your Weakness, March 26, 2021
5. What God Hides, March 19, 2021
4. God's Judgments Are in All the Earth, March 12, 2021
3. Jesus Is King of the Universe, March 5, 2021
2. Confess with Your Mouth, February 26, 2021
1. Combating Self-Condemnation, February 19, 2021